VoIP Call Center Software | AVOXI’s Smart Queue

Save Money and streamline operations with AVOXI’s VoIP Call Center Software, Smart Queue. AVOXI’s virtual call center software, Smart Queue, adds more to your bottom line. Our hosted call center software solution is built on open-source technology, and provides flexibility and scalability to your call center.In today’s increasingly competitive market, it is essential for business owners to incorporate every advancement available in technology and communications to keep up with the way they communicate with their customers.By providing a seamless and easy way for your customers to connect with your business, you are creating a better user experience, leading to a better result.When you join forces with AVOXI and our VoIP Call Center Software, you are acquiring the power of ultimate control in cloud communications and unlimited flexibility of toll free numbers and call center solutions.

AVOXI’s virtual call center solution — Smart Queue adds more to your bottom line. Our hosted call center software solution is built on open-source technology and provides the same features and functionality as proprietary call center platforms — at a fraction of the cost.

Your business needs flexibility. Our virtual call center solutions were developed with that in mind. They are scalable, enabling you to quickly and cost-effectively add new users to your system and increase their productivity by providing easy access to all features and capabilities.

Whatever your requirements may be, AVOXI is ready to help. Our engineers will work with you to design a system that meets your unique business requirements and you’ll never have to worry about upgrades and maintenance with our cloud call center solution.

Keeping your business connected to your customers is what we are all about. You can rely on a partner like AVOXI to have what you need — when you need it — to save money, improve performance and optimize customer service.